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Wrongful Death in Visalia, CA

Advocating for Wrongful Death's Best Interests

The loss of a loved one is something that we all wish we never have to endure. Unfortunately, death is a part of life, and while we all would choose to have loved ones live long, fulfilled lives and pass from this life peacefully and contented at the end of their days, sadly, this is too often not how it really happens. Often times a loved one’s life is unfairly cut short due to the recklessness or negligence of another.  This can happen through car accidents, industrial accidents, agricultural mishaps, or medical malpractice by a physician.

When a loved one loses his or her life due to the negligence, recklessness or even intentional misconduct of another person, you may have the right to pursue a legal action, known as a Wrongful Death Lawsuit, against the person or company responsible for your loved one's death.  A wrongful death lawsuit is meant to compensate you for the lost financial and emotional support that your loved one provided.  Generally, only spouses, parents and dependent children of the person who passed away are allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit.  Typically, unmarried romantic partners are not able to pursue wrongful death actions for the death of their deceased partner.

In order to determine whether you have a viable wrongful death cause of action, it is necessary to consult with an attorney to determine your rights.  If a loved one has recently passed due to the negligence, recklessness or purposeful misconduct of another person or business, please call the Law Office of Scott Lyons Attorney at Law at (559) 636-8122 to schedule a free consultation today.